Ministry of the Altar Server

The Altar Server Ministry is a long established tradition in the Catholic Church that continues today. Altar servers support and assist the priest and serve the people in the congregation to participate more fully during the various liturgies and worship services.

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Youth Ministry in the Diocesan of Limerick Server

Our youth ministry programmes, pilgrimages and events are all centred around three flames

Fáilte – Welcome; ensuring that everyone feels welcome, that they are accepted and valued for who they are and that they all feel like they belong.

Foghlaim – Learning; at every event, we try to create opportunities for young people to learn something new about themselves, their friends, their faith or about the world they live in.

Guí – Prayer; every time we gather we give time to prayer, to connecting with God and with our faith community. These moments of prayer bring us closer to each other and to Jesus. 

These flames are the three fires of Muintearas Íosa, a Diocesan Youth Group that has been running for over forty years and which focuses on the importance of journeying with young people and building relationships through positive shared experiences.  

Details of our three main programmes, pilgrimages and events are listed below.