The Diocese of Limerick provides a vetting service to Diocesan Services and Programmes and to certain agreed Affiliates.

Vetting is required when

Any work or activity as a priest, minister or other person engaged in the advancement of religious beliefs is undertaken, to children and vulnerable persons, unless such work or activity is merely incidental.

Any work or activity which is carried out by a person, where a necessary and regular element involves the person having access to or contact with children and/or vulnerable persons.

Anyone, aged 18 years or over, who is employed/contracted or volunteering in ministry involving children and/or vulnerable persons which is more than incidental. 

Anyone aged between 16 years and 18 years may be vetted, but this can only be carried out with the written consent of their parent/guardian and the consent of the young person themselves.

For other Church personnel whose contact with children and/or vulnerable persons is incidental, vetting is not required.


Contact Information

Enquiries should be directed to the Diocese of Limerick Vetting Service Liaison person at


Included in the Vetting Policy & Procedure:

  • Vetting – The Legislative Basis
  • Deciding who needs to be vetted
  • Diocesan Vetting Service to Primary Schools
  • Retrospective Vetting
  • Re-vetting
  • Completion of Forms NVB1 and NVB2
  • How the Diocesan Vetting Process Operates
  • Proof of Identity requirements
  • Parent and Guardian Consent, where applicable
  • Vetting Disclosures from the National Vetting Bureau
  • Appeals of decisions based on the Vetting Disclosure

Vetting Documents

Diocese of Limerick

Procedures for Garda Vetting

Appendix 5

Guidelines for completing Vetting Invitation Form (NVB 1)

Appendix 5

Guidelines for completing Vetting Invitation Form (NVB 3)