The Diocese encourages people who have experienced or have knowledge of abuse by priests or other church personnel to talk with the Diocesan Designated Person who is formally responsible within the Diocese for ensuring that we response appropriately and respectfully. However the Diocese will make available the person whomever the complainant is most comfortable to meet with.

Diocesan Safeguarding Service
Ger Crowley
Director of Safeguarding (DLP)

Mobile: 087 3233564
Phone: 061 350000
Fr. Noel Kirwan
Deputy Designated Liaison Person

Phone: 061 414624

The Diocese will offer a range of supports to Complainants.

1. Counselling and support

The Diocese will arrange confidential counselling, in a manner acceptable to the Complainant


2. The Diocese can arrange services from Towards Healing and Towards Peace.

Towards Healing: Towards Healing is an independent organisation providing professional counselling support for people who have experienced institutional, clerical or religious abuse in Ireland. Phone: 1800 303 416. Email:

Towards Peace: Towards Peace provides spiritual support for survivors of abuse by Catholic Church personnel in Ireland. Phone: 01 5053028.  Email:


3. Support Persons.

The Diocese has a panel of lay people who are available to Support Complainants in their engagement with the Diocese.

If the complainant wishes to have a support person available to them, the following are the roles which the support person can have:

  • Attending the initial meeting of the complainant with the Designated Liaison Person (DLP), if this is agreed in advance with the complainant, in order to support the complainant; keeping them informed of the progress of their case; and helping them to identify and access support
  • Ensuring that support is provided to complainants and their families, as requested and mutually agreed upon
  • Ensuring the complainant is offered pastoral care that meets their individual needs
  • Offering to arrange a pastoral meeting with the Church authority at an appropriate time during the process, if the complainant wishes
  • Recording any dates of meetings and/or contact they have with the complainant, and passing on relevant information to the DLP, as appropriate. They will not be responsible for managing the file but will pass on written records to the DLP, as appropriate, during regular meetings with them.

Details on support services are available from the Director of Safeguarding, Diocesan Centre, St. Munchins, Corbally, Limerick. Phone: 061 350000087 3233564


4. Liaison with Statutory Agencies.

The Diocese maintains active relationships with the relevant statutory agencies (Tusla and Gardaí) and their policies and procedures and we can support a Complainants engagement with these agencies


5. Meetings with Church Personnel.

Bishop Brendan Leahy is personally available to meet persons making complaints


6. The Diocesan D.L.P.

Mr Ger. Crowley has overall responsibility for ensuring that all of the responsibilities arising for the diocese are met, and ensuring that appropriate support, advice and pastoral care is offered to the complainant.


7. Complaints regarding the Safeguarding Service.

Complaints regarding the Safeguarding Service should be communicated to the Bishop who will appoint a complaints person to deal with the complaint.

Complaints regarding the Safeguarding Service should be communicated to Bishop Leahy or Very Rev. Tony Mullins (Vicar General), at Limerick Diocesan Centre, St. Munchins, Corbally, Limerick. The Diocese will appoint a complaints person to deal with the complaint.
Phone: 061 350000  Email: 


8. The Diocese will invite the National Safeguarding Board.

The Diocese will invite the National Safeguarding Board for the Catholic Church in Ireland to periodically review and audit its safeguarding arrangements. Such audits will be advertised on the Diocesan website and the Diocesan Safeguarding website.

Complainants are encouraged to make their views on the safeguarding arrangements known to the National Safeguarding Board during such audit s and also at any other time they wish.

National Board for the Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland New House, Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare Phone: 01 505 3124