Standard 1

Included in this section:

Policy – Structure - Organisation

  • Roles of Safeguarding Personnel in Standard 1
  • Parish Safeguarding Checklist
  • Sacristy Safeguarding Protocol
  • Safe Recruitment Procedures

Visiting Clergy – Persons involved in Temporary Ministry

  • Requirements for Visiting Clergy and any Person wishing to be involved in any form of Temporary Ministry in the Diocese of Limerick
  • Requirements when applying for Facilities to Minister in the Diocese of Limerick
  • Visiting Clerics or Visiting Persons in any form of Consecrated Life Ministering at Shrines - National Shrines and International Shrines

Vetting Policy & Procedure

  • Summary of Key Elements
  • Vetting Policy and Procedure

Codes of Behaviour

  • Codes of Behaviour for Adults
  • Code of Behaviour for Children and Young People involved in Parish/Diocesan Events
  • Creating a Code of Behaviour with Children
  • Dealing with Breaches of Codes of Behaviour for Children and Adults.

Safe Care

  • Safe Care for Children
  • One-to-One Contact with Children and Young People
  • Dealing with Accidents
  • Maintaining Adequate Supervision Ratios
  • Participation of Children with Special Needs
  • Trips Away with Children and Young People
  • Hazard Assessment of Activities with Children
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Pope John Paul II Award
  • Use of Church Property and Hire for Private Functions
  • Procedures for External Groups who wish to use Church Property


  • Use of Technology
  • Use of the Internet
  • Use of Texting and Email
  • Use of Photography
  • Use of CCTV and Webcams


  • Whistle-Blowing
  • Complaints Procedure of the Diocese of Limerick for Safeguarding Concerns that are not allegations of Abuse.