Appendices & Relevant Forms

Appendix 1

Roles in the Child Safeguarding Structure

Appendix 2

Parish Audit Form

Appendix 3

Information to be displayed and available at Church locations

Appendix 4

Recruitment and Selection Checklist

Appendix 6

Staff Application Form (NBSCCCI 1.1A T2)

Appendix 8

General Church Ministry/Volunteer Form

Appendix 9

Character and Personal Reference Request

Appendix 21

Example Workshop on Creating a Code of Behaviour with Children

Appendix 22

Attendance Register for Large Groups

Appendix 23

Attendance Register for Sacristy

Appendix 24

Child and Guardian Joint Consent (NBSCCCI

Appendix 24A

Application & Joint Consent Form Ministry of Alter Server

Appendix 25

Form for Dealing with Accidents/Incidents

Appendix 26a

Pope John Paul II Award Permission Form

Appendix 26b

Pope John Paul II Award Parish and Social Activities Form

Appendix 26c

Pope John Paul II Award Safeguarding Agreement Form

Appendix 27

Use of Church Property by External Groups

Appendix 28

Complaints form of the Diocese of Limerick for Safeguarding Concerns that a...

Appendix 29

Hazard Assessment Form

Appendix 30

Media Permission Form

Appendix 31

Storage and Retention of Records Associated with Standard 1

Appendix 32

Child Safeguarding Standards Definitions

Appendix 33

Recording and Storage of Information

Appendix APPENDIX 34


Appendix APPENDIX 35

Safeguarding Leaflets Information for Young People - Safeguarding Leaflets ...

Appendix 36

Risk Assessment - Ensuring Safe Ministry with Children

Appendix 37

Risk Assessment - Faith Camps

Appendix 38

Risk Assessment - Adults who may be vulnerable

Appendix 39

Digital Social Media and Online Communications with Young People Policy