The checklist identifies those elements that need to be in place in each parish to ensure the creation and maintenance of safe environments for children and young people.

This checklist is to be read in association with the Parish Audit Form (Appendix 2).

Information to be Displayed and Available

  • Diocesan Safeguarding Children Policy Statement in all appropriate places.
  • Poster and leaflet providing information for young people.
  • Poster and leaflet providing information for parents/guardians.
  • Diocesan Sacristy Safeguarding Protocol Poster.
  • Copy of the Safeguarding Children Policy and Standards for the Catholic Church in Ireland 2016, in each Parish Office and Sacristy.
Appendix 3

Requirements in respect of Volunteers that have access to, or have an involvement with, children, young people and/or vulnerable persons within and on behalf of the parish.

Parish Safeguarding Representative


Registers for individuals/groups/organisations, involving children, associated with the parish or diocese, i.e.-

  • Altar Servers.
  • Youth Choir
  • Adult Choir with children involved
  • Sacramental preparation (includes ‘Do This in Memory’ and ‘You should be My Witness’ Programmes)
  • Children’s Liturgy
  • Mass Readers
  • Youth Club
  • Youth Retreat
  • Other groups

Groups/organisations involved with children on behalf of the parish

  • Has each group been approved to work within the Parish by the Parish Priest?
  • Has each group been provided with the Information Pack for Parish groups involving children?
  • Is each group complying with the requirement in the Information Pack for Parish groups involving children?

Children involved in ministry



  • Have all Safeguarding Representatives and Leaders of Groups working with young people, attended the One Day Training Programme?
  • Have all other staff who have ministry with children attended a Safeguarding Information Session?
  • Is there any other form of role-specific training which would enhance safeguarding in your parish?

Non-church groups working with children and using Church property

  • Has each group completed the appropriate Application Form? (Appendix 27)
  • Has the Parish Priest given permission for the group?
  • Has each group confirmed that it has:
    • Its own Insurance indemnifying the Church
    • Its own Safeguarding Policy including Vetting


  • Is the Sacristy Poster on display in the Sacristy?
  • Is the Sacristy Protocol followed?
  • Is the Sacristy sign in/out book always completed? (Appendix 23)
  • Are visiting clergy asked for Celebret/Letter of Permission to Minister?

The Storage of Records and Information

  • Are all safeguarding-related information/records stored securely?

Dealing with Complaints or Concerns

  • Have all safeguarding complaints/concerns been reported to the Designated Liaison Person/Director of Safeguarding?

This checklist is to be read in association with the Parish Audit Form (Appendix 2).